Shin Innindou SakuIno Renzoku Seichuu Hen (Naruto)

Shin Innindou SakuIno Renzoku Seichuu Hen (Naruto) hentaimangaly

-by Naruhodo

-110 pages

“Exhausted after Pain’s attack, half of Konoha has been occupied by Kumogakure. Kumogaru was on the verge of taking over Konoha village completely. Ninjas of Konoha tried to negotiate a truce with the Raikage and they were forced to accept his demands and surrender to save the villagers. That’s how Konoha’s impregnation red light district was created.”

This is pretty much the second part of:

Shin In Nindou – TsunaHina Dorei Awahime Haramase Jigoku Hen [Full Color], just that this time it’s Sakura’s and Ino’s turn.