Konoha Saboten

Konoha Saboten naruto hentai manga porn pics

“Naruto-kun! You came so many times already! But you’re still so hard. Nee-chan’s pussy is squeezing me so softly, it’s the best!”

Tsunade wants to check out Sakura’s finishing orgasm move, however she was a little late and Naruto couldn’t wait any longer, so he decided to fuck Shizune. Sakura doesn’t seem to be in the mood today, but Tsunade’s orders are absolute. However, since Sakura isn’t so experienced yet, the two sexy “aunties” are sucking and preparing Naruto’s dick for another fuck round. Once he is set to go, it’s Sakura’s turn for some hot fucking and sucking.

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Kunoichi Style Max Speed

Kunoichi Style Max Speed naruto hentai manga porn pics

What can you expect from this Naruto hentai? Huge rack/breasts from our two lovely Konoha bitches Tsunade and Naruko.

Welcome! Your usual? Today Naruko will give you lots of love. Your cock has become so hard already. There’s no smegma here, that means you remembered your promise! I’ll be eating now… Cock, it’s raging in my throat. Oh I’m coming just from being licked! Fuck Naruko’s hole with your hot cock!”

Naruto is such a slut in his female gender bender form. Pretty adorable, I got to admit. However this is only the first part of this manga sex story. What you will see here is Fat guy fucks Naruko dick girl, and after that there is some awesome dickgirl on dickgirl action – futa Tsunade fucks futa Naruko! This is the real deal!

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Harlem Jets

Harlem Jets naruto hentai manga xxx pic

Another Naruto hentai manga based on the Chuunin exam. The scene starts at the Chūnin exam stage 2: The Forest of Death. Anko explains the rules and they are especially hard for the female ninja (Kunoichi). If these female ninja girls should fail, they will end up as sex slaves for the males. That’s definitely an extra motivation, but also a lot of pressure.

However, this specific hentai Doujinshi doesn’t revolve either on the forest exams nor the potential punish game. That was only the intro. The real story is about Anko’s and Kakashi’s sex friends relationship. Obviously Anko has the initiative since she was always a dominant bitch, however one should not underestimate genius Kakashi who knows how to turn the tables any time. What the Konoha genius didn’t calculate was that the girls were watching him and Anko having sex from the very beginning. Also he couldn’t anticipate that these ninja sluts were horny as fuck!

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Kunoichi Chivalry

Kunoichi Chivalry naruto hentai manga porn pics

Shizune wants to know how she could help her master the 5th Hokage Tsunade, to increase her work efficiency. The hot blond MILF replies with a bluntly “Take of your cloths”. Shizune doesn’t know what to do with that answer. I mean what’s the point, how can this make the Hokage better at work? Tsunade told her not to ask too many questions but rather to put down her clothes. She wants to see some hot female curves, now! Shizune obeys and does like her master orders her to. While she stands half naked in front of the current ruler of Konoha, her master tells her to start masturbating.

So this is the current scene, Shizune is fingering herself nice and slowly, deep inside her wet pussy. Yet, Tsunade is still not satisfied. She wants to see better so she spreads her legs wide open. However, only watching is still not good enough. Now Tsunade puts on a “magical” strap-on and starts fucking Shizune from behind. They switch several sex positions and even after an intense creampie the Hokage is still not satisfied, but who will be her next sex friend?

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NARUPO LEAF5+SAND1 one piece hentai manga porn pics

“This is the Chuunin selection exam, you must get a perfect score. I’m your examiner, I expect an excellent performance. Rough… but good so far. You think we are already done? We can’t stop now. Get in, fuck me deeply. My nipples have gotten soft, do you think they are having enough fun? Yeah! That’s it you have to pay more attention to them! Good, amazing! More, do it again, this time, dig deep into me. Ahh my pussy, good come inside me! More… are you coming!? Let me feel it”

There is no kidding around when Anko is your Chuunin examiner. If you can’t fuck her to heaven, you simply won’t pass. That’s all you need to know, so try harder next time 😉

This is really a great collection of Naruto characters sex adventures. We have Anko, Kurenai, Tsunade + Shizune sucking Shikamaru’s dick, Temari and even the female version of Naruto (gender bender) Naruko.

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