Naruto Full Color Konoha’s Sexual Healing Ward

Naruto Full Color Konoha's Sexual Healing Ward naruto hentai manga porn pics.

While using his newest technique Naruto managed to hurt his arms really bad. Since Naruto is the nine tail fox Jinchuuriki, he has a very good regeneration. That’s why Tsunade isn’t worried too much, still she tells him to be more careful from now on.

However, when she came closer to check his temperature, she felt something hard hitting her stomach. It was Naruto’s erection and Tsunade was so surprised that Naruto had a huge bump on his head just a few moments later.

“Well, since you are so energetic I bet your arms will heal quite quickly. Hey, since I can’t jack off, would you mind lending me a hand? What are you trying to say? Just because your arms are injured… I’m begging you! It’s already been a week! You’re noisy. Do you know that. I mean your huge tits did this to me! They made my dick hard! So you better take responsibility! Don’t make me laugh! How is that my responsibility? Did you really think that the Hokage would suck a lowly ninja’s dick!?”

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