Inniku Koushin

Inniku Koushin - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Even though the only fuck couple in this hentai manga will be Sasuke and Sakura, it’s definitely not made for Sas/Sak romance fans. Sasuke isn’t treating her very good, even when she offers him to leave Konoha behind and be by his side he only treats her bad. However, for those people who don’t have anything against that kind of sex plot, this will be a great adult manga experience.

Sakura is supposed the replace Karin as Sasuke’s cum dumpster to prove her loyalty towards him, and so she gets down on her knees and starts sucking Sasuke’s dick. Soon this is not enough and so they move on to the real thing. If there will be a happy end or not, that’s something you have to see for yourself.


The artwork is really good, like always from this mangaka hentai artist. The lines are precise and clearly visible and the censorship is also pretty negligible.

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