Harlem Jets

Harlem Jets naruto hentai manga xxx pic

Another Naruto hentai manga based on the Chuunin exam. The scene starts at the Ch┼źnin exam stage 2: The Forest of Death. Anko explains the rules and they are especially hard for the female ninja (Kunoichi). If these female ninja girls should fail, they will end up as sex slaves for the males. That’s definitely an extra motivation, but also a lot of pressure.

However, this specific hentai Doujinshi doesn’t revolve either on the forest exams nor the potential punish game. That was only the intro. The real story is about Anko’s and Kakashi’s sex friends relationship. Obviously Anko has the initiative since she was always a dominant bitch, however one should not underestimate genius Kakashi who knows how to turn the tables any time. What the Konoha genius didn’t calculate was that the girls were watching him and Anko having sex from the very beginning. Also he couldn’t anticipate that these ninja sluts were horny as fuck!


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