Haouju 2

Haouju 2 - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Wait, if you’re not feeling well why aren’t you resting? What are you saying Sakura? Of course I’m in bad shape. But this isn’t the time to be giving lectures! Well, then I guess it can’t be helped (that’s the moment where Sakura starts sucking Naruto’s dick deep throat, while Hinata is watching just a few steps away).

Hey Hinata! How long are you going to sit there? Come here! That’s right, if you don’t try to suck it assertively like that, then Sakura’s going to be the one always giving me blowjobs. You should watch what she does and use more erotic expressions. Okay. Yeah like this! That’s the kind of face! Having two and once is sure having an effect. This is something I can’t lose in to Sakura. Hmm? It seems Hinata plans to steal my favorite cock from me. Does she think she can win against a cock freak like me? I want to be the one who makes Naruto feel good. Ahh, I’m gonna cum, open your mouth and drink it. That’s right suck it all out until it’s clean.”

Color Hinata

Color Sakura

Color Naruto

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