Feels like Hot Springs

Feels like Hot Springs naruto hentai manga porn pics

Naruto is enjoying his bath in a hot spring. He thinks about how much more fun it would be if old Ero-sensei Jiraiya was also here. At that moment somebody steps inside the bath. While the steam doesn’t allow him a clear view on the sexy legs right next to him, he at first thinks it’s Jiraiya who joined him. Instead he realizes that it’s actually the half naked hot MILF Tsunade.

“G… Granny what are you doing on the men’s side? It’s mixed bathing today. Hah! Don’t tell me you were waiting for me all this time!? You little pervert.”

By now Tsunade is completely naked in front of Naruto and he has a hard time not to look at her big sexy tits jiggling. He tries to get outside the bath, but the hot anime MILF asks him for a massage, since her shoulders are all stiff from all the work she has done recently. And since she is always healing up all his injuries, it’s the least Naruto can do! Well, at this point Naruto can’t hide his hard erection anymore. Tsunade takes notice of his “hard” situation and takes some first steps to relax him a little. An erotic blowjob doesn’t sound bad for the start.


Don’t worry, it won’t end with the blowjob 😉 You will be able to see some nice fucking and hot creampies in this Naruto hentai manga.

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