EroKosu Vol. 14

EroKosu Vol. 14 naruto hentai manga porn pics

Now here we have a fine unique Konan (Akatsuki member) hentai manga.

“Are you sure this is okay? I lost both Yahiko and Nagato. As a woman this is all I can do for the village now. Really!? I get to make an *angel pregnant*!? Yes, I want you to sleep with me and make me pregnant. Konan-san you look quite slender in your clothes. May I take your pants off? You have such a sexy body! Wow, you are so sexy. When I see you in such revealing panties… I just can’t take it. I must have you!”

And I can tell you he fucked Konan really good! The artwork for this hentai Doujinshi is really top notch.

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