Attaka Uzumaki

Attaka Uzumaki - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

When Kurenai was teaching young Hinata about sex between a man and a woman, Hinata already thought about doing it with Naruto in the future. She wasn’t sure if it will really feel good, or will it be painful? Kurenai assured here that sex is something fun and that you should enjoy it.

Now several years have passed and Naruto and Hinata are a married couple who are visiting a hot spring together. After taking a bath separately, they finally meet at the bedroom. Both of them are very nervous and inexperienced, so their acting is funny and cute at the same time. Soon they start kissing each other and one thing leads to another. At one point Naruto begins taking off Hinata’s kimono and we finally see her beautiful big breasts fully exposed. First she seems embarrassed and claims that her boobs are a little bit too big and have a weird shape (DEFINITELY NOT TRUE!!!), but Naruto tells her that’s not true and that she has wonderful tits. These words from her beloved husband make Hinata very happy and proud. But that’s just the beginning of our little hentai manga sex story.

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