Attaka Uzumaki 2

Attaka Uzumaki 2 - naruto hentai manga porn pics.











2nd part of vanilla sex between Naruto and Hinata.

Naruto is on a secret expedition with Shikamaru and Sai. It has been more than 3 weeks now, that he hasn’t seen or had sex with his beautiful wife Hinata. Remember they didn’t have Skype or something so the could keep in touch at that time! Out of solidarity, Sai draws a picture from Hinata, so that Naruto doesn’t feels alone anymore. Well he couldn’t have known that Naruto would use this sexy pictures to masturbate.

Once they arrived back at Konoha, Naruto goes right to his wife, not even allowing her to change her clothes or take a bath, rather he puts her on the bed and prepares her for some good fucking. Well, from this point on you have 32 pictures of lovely dovely hentai sex!

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