Shin Innindou SakuIno Renzoku Seichuu Hen (Naruto)

Shin Innindou SakuIno Renzoku Seichuu Hen (Naruto) hentaimangaly

-by Naruhodo

-110 pages

“Exhausted after Pain’s attack, half of Konoha has been occupied by Kumogakure. Kumogaru was on the verge of taking over Konoha village completely. Ninjas of Konoha tried to negotiate a truce with the Raikage and they were forced to accept his demands and surrender to save the villagers. That’s how Konoha’s impregnation red light district was created.”

This is pretty much the second part of:

Shin In Nindou – TsunaHina Dorei Awahime Haramase Jigoku Hen [Full Color], just that this time it’s Sakura’s and Ino’s turn.

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Shin In Nindou – TsunaHina Dorei Awahime Haramase Jigoku Hen [Full Color]

Shin In Nindou - TsunaHina Dorei Awahime Haramase Jigoku Hen [Full Color] hentaimangaly

-by Naruhodo

-125 full color pages

Walking around with that thing on full display… I was ashamed just walking by your side. That’s not important! Come on, let’s get naked! You idiot! I already know! I can do this on my own stop pulling on my clothes. That’s so sexy! I didn’t know you wore that kind of sexy underwear! You can’t wait for it either! Heh, it’s because you beasts keep barging into my room and rip off my underwear to have sex immediately. This is to avoid that. Oooh, you are so right! It’s so easy to remove and it’s stretchy too. So this is the rumored water-melons of the Hokage Lady Tsunade! What size are they? K! That’s incredible, now I want to see your pussy as well. Can I just take this off? … Do as you like.””

And this is where the real story about Tsunade’s and Hinata’s sex adventure begins!

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Neko Panic – KITTY PANIC!

Neko Panic - KITTY PANIC! hentaimangaly

-by Oretto

-47 pages

Who would have thought that I will be able to see Hinata cosplaying as a cat girl haha. Well, she didn’t do it on purpose (like always it’s Naruto’s fault :P).!

Naruto is so into the transformed Hinata version, that he considers turning her into a neko on regular basis. Talking about fetish!

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Jukumitsuki Intouden 2

Jukumitsuki Intouden 2 hentaimangaly

-by Numahana

-25 pages, English translated

This is the second part of “Debauchery of a Mature Honeypot Princess” or in its original language Jukumitsuki Intouden 2. Granny Tsuande drank again too much and thus Naruto walks her home. Unexpectedly Naruto kisses her and she tries to shake him off, but we all know how persistent Naruto can be. One thing leads to another and thus they end up having sex at her place.

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Botan to Sakura

Botan to Sakura naruto hentaimangaly

All you need to know about this latest Naruto hentai manga is that there will be a lot of gen jutsu and a lot of horny Naruto kage bunshin’s (clones). Of course Sakura and Ino will also be present. Oh yeah, we got some anal hardcore action as well!

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Jukumitsuki Intouden Maki no Ichi

Jukumitsuki Intouden Maki no Ichi naruto hentai manga

-by Numahana

-21 pages, English translated

Tsunade has ordered Naruto to meet her for a so called “late night” ninja training session. You probably can imagine what kind of training this is going to be, but let give you some more details.

I haven’t even taken my clothes off and you’re already clinging to me… You know, this is how a female ninja uses seduction to protect herself. You’ve trained to defend against this, right? I know that! That’s why I’ve been doing this every day with you, granny Tsunade. That way I can polish my skills and be able to reverse these kinds of situations!”

Naruto says this with a straight face, while at the same time he undresses lady Tsunade without further procrastination. What a naughty boy!

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Tsunade no In Kangoku S

Tsunade no In Kangoku S naruto hentai

-by naruhodo

-40 pages, Japanese

This is a sequence of the previous “Naruhodo” Doujinshi work, where Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Shizune and Anko are being held captive by White Zetsu. Well guess what? Naruto still hasn’t appeared to save the day, so it’s back to Zetsu fucking all the cute kunoichi from Konohagakure.

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NINJA EXTREME 3 Onna Goroshi Shippuuden

NINJA EXTREME 3 Onna Goroshi Shippuuden naruto hentai

Suigetsu tries to act as a Sasuke double in front of Karin. At first she seems happy with Sasuke’s new attitude. After all every girl wants to be embraced, however with her ability so sense chakra it was a given that she would find out at some point. But did she realize soon enough, or will she still fall for crafty Suigetsu’s trap?!

The second story is about Tsunade (yes there is a second story!).

“Fufu… finally, you are here! I really hate to wait. Come on, hurry up and strip off everything! Today I’ll milk you until your last drop.”

I swear Tsunade is the best doctor you can find 😉

The scene starts with Tsunade explaining to the “patient” that she needs to treat him with her mouth! It would be best if he let out a lot… she also complains about never getting enough semen to drink, since it’s always so busy at her place!

How? How can you leave such a hot pussy without semen 😛

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Erocos Vol. 25 [PURPLE HAZE]

Erocos Vol. 25 [PURPLE HAZE] - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Well, with this extremely sexy picture of Kamui taking a big black dick inside her ass, I wanted to show you one of the best parts at the beginning. But don’t worry, there is more of the Kamui bitch party yet to come.

“All Kunoichi female ninjas occasionally have to carry out a special sort of mission. Using their beautiful face and body they are so proud of, to seduce and capture men is an important skill for them. However, if they themselves get hooked on the pleasure, that would defeat the purpose and so Kunoichi are required to fuck with a man and thus test their limits.”

Definitely worth reading this high quality full color Kamui hentai manga.

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Naruto Full Color Konoha’s Sexual Healing Ward

Naruto Full Color Konoha's Sexual Healing Ward naruto hentai manga porn pics.

While using his newest technique Naruto managed to hurt his arms really bad. Since Naruto is the nine tail fox Jinchuuriki, he has a very good regeneration. That’s why Tsunade isn’t worried too much, still she tells him to be more careful from now on.

However, when she came closer to check his temperature, she felt something hard hitting her stomach. It was Naruto’s erection and Tsunade was so surprised that Naruto had a huge bump on his head just a few moments later.

“Well, since you are so energetic I bet your arms will heal quite quickly. Hey, since I can’t jack off, would you mind lending me a hand? What are you trying to say? Just because your arms are injured… I’m begging you! It’s already been a week! You’re noisy. Do you know that. I mean your huge tits did this to me! They made my dick hard! So you better take responsibility! Don’t make me laugh! How is that my responsibility? Did you really think that the Hokage would suck a lowly ninja’s dick!?”

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Naruto-kun no Ecchi!

Naruto-kun no Ecchi! naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Here are Hinata’s thoughts during this very hot Naruto hentai manga porn Doujinshi.

My thoughts have reached naruto-kun, whom I love and have always loved, whom I’ve chased and kept chasing. We became lovers, got married… and are now husband and wife. I’m happy, so happy I can’t take it.

He conveyed from the bottom of his heart through his skin that he’d cherish me, and I wondered countless times. If I was really allowed to be this happy. When I told him that, Naruto-kun said “of course you are!” and smiled at me… even though we’ve gotten a bit used to married life, Naruto-kun hasn’t changed. No, he give me happiness every single day. I gladly wonder if I can do the same for him…

But lately there’s just one thing that’s different. That is… Naruto-kun has become incredibly lewd!

The first time we humblingly touched each other Naruto-kun nor I really understood what we were doing, but recently Naruto gotten a bit more experienced. As I said he has become lewd and I’m left as I am.

I was washed away, by this feeling. I’ve thought it was because we’re newlyweds, but even so I’m still shy and not used to it at all. Unlike me, Naruto’kun has been steadily getting familiar with it. I’m anxious about whether I can reciprocate properly. It worries me… We do a lot of lewd things and my feelings of embarrassment end up getting mixed in.

The last part is the most interesting, however I will keep it a secret. So you have to read it yourself 😉


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Haouju 2

Haouju 2 - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Wait, if you’re not feeling well why aren’t you resting? What are you saying Sakura? Of course I’m in bad shape. But this isn’t the time to be giving lectures! Well, then I guess it can’t be helped (that’s the moment where Sakura starts sucking Naruto’s dick deep throat, while Hinata is watching just a few steps away).

Hey Hinata! How long are you going to sit there? Come here! That’s right, if you don’t try to suck it assertively like that, then Sakura’s going to be the one always giving me blowjobs. You should watch what she does and use more erotic expressions. Okay. Yeah like this! That’s the kind of face! Having two and once is sure having an effect. This is something I can’t lose in to Sakura. Hmm? It seems Hinata plans to steal my favorite cock from me. Does she think she can win against a cock freak like me? I want to be the one who makes Naruto feel good. Ahh, I’m gonna cum, open your mouth and drink it. That’s right suck it all out until it’s clean.”

Color Hinata

Color Sakura

Color Naruto

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Naruto Love Icha Nindou

Naruto Love Icha Nindou - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Hey, let go of me Naruto! No way. Did Sakura give you the cold shoulder again? Naruto, I’m not an outlet for your lust, you know? Hey wait, let me go Naruto! It’s okay right!? Let me just play with your huge tits for a little while? You’re always like that. This is such a bother. If it goes like this then I will seriously fall for you, our sexual compatibility is just too good. I feel like I will go insane!” I will take that as a yes (says Naruto while kissing hot anime MILF Tsunade).

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Attaka Uzumaki 2

Attaka Uzumaki 2 - naruto hentai manga porn pics.











2nd part of vanilla sex between Naruto and Hinata.

Naruto is on a secret expedition with Shikamaru and Sai. It has been more than 3 weeks now, that he hasn’t seen or had sex with his beautiful wife Hinata. Remember they didn’t have Skype or something so the could keep in touch at that time! Out of solidarity, Sai draws a picture from Hinata, so that Naruto doesn’t feels alone anymore. Well he couldn’t have known that Naruto would use this sexy pictures to masturbate.

Once they arrived back at Konoha, Naruto goes right to his wife, not even allowing her to change her clothes or take a bath, rather he puts her on the bed and prepares her for some good fucking. Well, from this point on you have 32 pictures of lovely dovely hentai sex!

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Attaka Uzumaki

Attaka Uzumaki - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

When Kurenai was teaching young Hinata about sex between a man and a woman, Hinata already thought about doing it with Naruto in the future. She wasn’t sure if it will really feel good, or will it be painful? Kurenai assured here that sex is something fun and that you should enjoy it.

Now several years have passed and Naruto and Hinata are a married couple who are visiting a hot spring together. After taking a bath separately, they finally meet at the bedroom. Both of them are very nervous and inexperienced, so their acting is funny and cute at the same time. Soon they start kissing each other and one thing leads to another. At one point Naruto begins taking off Hinata’s kimono and we finally see her beautiful big breasts fully exposed. First she seems embarrassed and claims that her boobs are a little bit too big and have a weird shape (DEFINITELY NOT TRUE!!!), but Naruto tells her that’s not true and that she has wonderful tits. These words from her beloved husband make Hinata very happy and proud. But that’s just the beginning of our little hentai manga sex story.

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Hinata Hon (Tomatto)

Hinata Hon (Tomatto) - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Hinata is dreaming about becoming Naruto’s wife, and as a wife you obviously have some duties. Be it cleaning the house, making dinner, or even having sex with your husband. Especially as a new couple you can’t wait to fuck. Well it’s not much different with this amorous couple. Also I wanted to add an important sentence that you might want to remember for RL.

“But while I’m pregnant, you’ll have to use the back door!”

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Naruto G3 (Naruhodo)

Naruto G3 (Naruhodo) - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Naruto, Sakura and Tsunade are still on that island. It has now been 700 days and all three seem to have accustomed to the current situation. So here we are on a nice beautiful island, Naruto gets some tropical breakfast, while Sakura slut is sucking his dick. What a great start in the morning. Well, but that was just the warm up. Also to satisfy these two anime sluts you will need to use at least one shadow clone. These hot bitches will otherwise suck you dry!

“We are not done yet. This is far from over. Let’s do more and more perverted things! It’s amazing to have a wife that is so perverted. Come on, enough resting start moving your hips. I can’t hold back I’m gonna cum. Ufufu, so cute. Alright cum inside Sakura Haruno’s pussy!”

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Saboten Nindou -Ibun-

Saboten Nindou -Ibun- naruto hentai manga porn pics

“Give it up, you can struggle all you want, you’re not going to break free. You will be better off if you remain still… woman. That aside, your body… every part of it. I can smell his stench coming from all over you (he is talking about Naruto’s stench!). That really pisses me off! Starting now, I’m going to stain you with my scent.”

Actually I’m having a hard time to guess who this guy under the mask is. I see that he wants to make Sakura his bitch, but I’m not really sure how he is related to slutty Sakura and PIMP Naruto. Maybe you guys have more info.

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Sakuranbo (Sahara Wataru)

Sakuranbo (Sahara Wataru) naruto hentai manga porn pics.

The scene starts with Sakura sucking Naruto’s dick. She really looks slutty there 😉

However, Naruto wants her to take his whole cock inside her mouth pussy. That’s definitely a hard task, even for the famous Konoha dick sucker Sakura (well she learned from the best slut in the village, Tsunade…). Somehow, she manages to take his whole dick inside her mouth. At that time Sai appears out of nowhere, and makes fun about how big of a slut Sakura actually is. Not that Sai’s appearance or any of his words could make her stop sucking that big dick.

Very soon after that erotic event, we see Sasuke coming into the scene. He uses his powerful sharingan to cast a strong genjutsu on Sakura. The real question is; does he really need genjutsu to make her even more of a slut? Is it even possible haha.

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EroCos Vol. 40

EroCos Vol. 40 - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

“A special unit serving directly under the Hokage ‘Anbu’. We undertake all sorts of important missions. This time, the order received by a certain Anbu member was to perform ‘comfort duty’ for the fight Hokage. As the wording suggested, the requirement was for him to satisfy the fifth Hokage ‘Tsunade’. “

This guys came very fast at the beginning, just from a short handjob. Well he did keep touching Tsunades mega hot boobs, but that alone can’t be an excuse not to satisfy such a beautiful sexy hentai woman.

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Konoha’s Bitches

Konoha's Bitches - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

We have several nice and some even very unique pairings for this Doujinshi. Naruto xxx Sakura and Tsunade xxx Sasuke (I think this is the first time I see this pairing).

Here are some thoughts from Sakura while sucking Naruto’s dick:

“Your precum is oozing out from the tip. His cock is thick as usual. If I lick his tip like this inside my mouth and move my head back and forth, then his cock becomes even bigger. I love Naruto’s cock so much, that my lips are sticking to it on their own. My mouth pussy is being fucked. His sweaty cock is so tasty… More… let me drink more of your thick sperm.”

What a slut, right! But let’s see what Tsunade thinks while sucking and fucking Sasuke:

“He’s still just of this level… he may have grown a little. He’s more like a man, but in the end he’s still a brat, with a brat’s cock. But to be honest… this cock isn’t half bad. I’m having a man’s cock after such a long time. I want to suck it”

And now some of Sasuke’s thoughts:

“I didn’t even have to use my genjutsu! Hey, is this woman serious!? ‘Hokage’ my ass, aren’t you just an ordinary bitch!”

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Best in the Village!

Best in the Village! - naruto hentai manga porn pics

Here is a little description of each character specifically for this Naruto hentai manga.

Uzumaki Naruto

He loves Sakura-chan so much; he always follows her with his eyes, he never learns and continues to hit on her. Always trying to get her attention, even when she gets angry. He hates Sasuke and Sai (they hinder him a lot) but the are important too.

Haruna Sakura

She likes Naruto (the likely winner). She isn’t honest with herself and is always hiding true feelings for Naruto and instead of telling him the truth, she claims that she likes Sasuke.

Uchiha Sasuke

A lot of things happened and he (recently) came back to the leaf village. It seems that he’s knows about Sakura liking Naruto for quite some time. For some reason he’s getting along rather well with the other three characters.


He has read many (unreliable) books about love and feelings between a man and a woman. So now he tries to make Naruto and Sakura’s relationship go smoothly.

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Brute Force of Love (Naruto)

 Brute Force of Love (Naruto) naruto hentai manga porn pics

Huge breast ninja slut Sakura gives Naruto a blowjob. That’s actually the opening scene. She eats his cum with delight and asks if he wants a titty job as a nice bonus! However, for some reason Naruto doesn’t seem in the mood anymore. He runs off to Tsunade and there he explains her that he doesn’t want to have sex with Sakura, just because Tsunade ordered her to. How will they fix this problem? Well soon Naruto will realize that Sakura wasn’t having sex with him just because it was her mission, but also because she really enjoyed his big dick.

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EroKosu Vol. 14

EroKosu Vol. 14 naruto hentai manga porn pics

Now here we have a fine unique Konan (Akatsuki member) hentai manga.

“Are you sure this is okay? I lost both Yahiko and Nagato. As a woman this is all I can do for the village now. Really!? I get to make an *angel pregnant*!? Yes, I want you to sleep with me and make me pregnant. Konan-san you look quite slender in your clothes. May I take your pants off? You have such a sexy body! Wow, you are so sexy. When I see you in such revealing panties… I just can’t take it. I must have you!”

And I can tell you he fucked Konan really good! The artwork for this hentai Doujinshi is really top notch.

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First Time Soap Girl Hinata

First Time Soap Girl Hinata naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Hinata is reading a book at the local bookstore, when she hears Naruto’s voice. She’s now very interested about what kind of books Naruto prefers. Like a good ninja she moves slowly and without a noise to take a look at the cover. To her surprise it’s about Ninja brothel! Guess who is on the cover? Right, hot bitch Tsunade in a tight sexy bikini.

In her head now all kind of imaginations are going on. She thinks about Naruto how he goes to one of these brothels and how he fucks other chicks. That’s the critical point for her! For Naruto to have sex with another woman, it would be a nightmare for Hinata. So she decides to buy herself such an indecent book and learn all the naughty stuff about male and female xxx interaction.

What the poor big breasted girl didn’t know, was that Naruto never intended to read this book himself (at least we are supposed to believe that haha), rather it should have been a gift to his sensei, old pervert Jiraiya. Now she is in Naruto’s room, only wearing a very small piece of string bikini who barely covers her huge tits (actually it covers only her sexy nipples).

The erotic act continues when Naruto enters his room and sees Hinata half naked.

Thank you for choosing me today. This is my first day on the job. I’m Hyuuga Hinata. I’ll be providing you with lots of service today.”

Naruto is still in a state of shock, and he still can’t understand what’s actually going on. Now we can hear Hinata’s thoughts after her shameless introduction as the new house slut: “Wearing such embarrassing attire in front of Naruto-kun, the man whom I adore. I’m so embarrassed. My face feels as if it’s on fire! But I’ll push on and I won’t let Naruto-kun go anywhere near a brothel.”

Now she moves forward and unzips Naruto’s pants. To Hinata’s surprise Naruto’s dick is even bigger than the ones she saw in the “brothel book” earlier!. This is where the real story begins!

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Naruto Himitsu – The Secret (Full Color)

Naruto Himitsu - The Secret (Full Color) hentai manga porn pics

It has only been recently that the Akatsuki team Sasori and Deidara have attacked the sand village Sunagakure. Tsunade informs Shikamaru about the current state of their allied friend village and tells him to take care of Temari. After all she needs all the affection he can give her. Obviously it had to result in hot vanilla anime manga sex.

There are actually two more stories. Next to the first pairing we also have a short Kakashi xxx Naruko (gender bender Naruto) sex scene. As well as a Kakashi xxx Sakura hentai scene.

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Feels like Hot Springs

Feels like Hot Springs naruto hentai manga porn pics

Naruto is enjoying his bath in a hot spring. He thinks about how much more fun it would be if old Ero-sensei Jiraiya was also here. At that moment somebody steps inside the bath. While the steam doesn’t allow him a clear view on the sexy legs right next to him, he at first thinks it’s Jiraiya who joined him. Instead he realizes that it’s actually the half naked hot MILF Tsunade.

“G… Granny what are you doing on the men’s side? It’s mixed bathing today. Hah! Don’t tell me you were waiting for me all this time!? You little pervert.”

By now Tsunade is completely naked in front of Naruto and he has a hard time not to look at her big sexy tits jiggling. He tries to get outside the bath, but the hot anime MILF asks him for a massage, since her shoulders are all stiff from all the work she has done recently. And since she is always healing up all his injuries, it’s the least Naruto can do! Well, at this point Naruto can’t hide his hard erection anymore. Tsunade takes notice of his “hard” situation and takes some first steps to relax him a little. An erotic blowjob doesn’t sound bad for the start.


Don’t worry, it won’t end with the blowjob 😉 You will be able to see some nice fucking and hot creampies in this Naruto hentai manga.

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Naruto Chichikage Huge Breasted Ninja

Naruto Chichikage Huge Breasted Ninja naruto hentai manga porn pics

“Graaaany! Have you finished work? Oh, it’s Naruto. You promised me a date tonight. Where to? Where to? About that – I’m sorry but something has come up and I can’t do it today. You are joking! Sorry, sorry I will make it up to you. That’s what you said last week. Geez give me a break. I’ve got work, so it can’t be helped. Unlike you genin, Hokages are kept busy… Then can I at least feel your tits?”

Isn’t our Naruto very modest today! I mean just the tits, he could go right for the MILF pussy! Who knows, maybe he keeps that one for later.

Naruto Hentai Gallery

+3 (Naruto)

+3 (Naruto) naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Temari and Shikamaru obviously have something going on. The problem now is that nobody wants to make the first step. Yet, with some time and some small talk things get pretty heated very fast. The tempo changes rapidly with every new erotic page. Once the story reaches its first climax Temari and Shikamaru have their first vanilla sex together. Both are still very inexperienced and both are still very shy.

However, with some time passing they open up to each other. They start talking about their fears and about what exactly was so embarrassing? After all “love” sex feels so natural, right 😉

Naruto Hentai Gallery

H-Sen vol. 7

H-Sen vol. 7 - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

“What’s the matter Hinata? Lately, you haven’t been able to concentrate on your missions. I’m sorry… You’re always spacing out, is there something that’s been troubling you? Are you lovesick, by any chance? Your reaction spells it all out for me. Listen! I don’t know who the guy is, but you need to be assertive when it comes to love. Then again, I guess you’ve never really been the proactive type. You have started to become more confident during missions, but I guess your personal side hasn’t developed quite as well? In any case your best bet is to try to turn a guy on (maybe try it with your huge tits DAHH!), so that you can cause them to become proactive.”

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Tsunade no Inchiryou

Tsunade no Inchiryou - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Naruto lost control over himself (again) and now the nine tails fox is trying to take control over him. To make things even worse captain Yamato (the only person who can restrain the nine tails chakra with his wood element) is not around. Sakura asks Tsunade for advice and she can only think about one way to fix things.

“It’s good that everyone has gathered here. So what is thist method in returning Naruto back to normal? The truth is… The source of the nine tail’s chakra is lust! Even if we continue with sex for three days and three nights, he still might not return back to normal (Tsunade is pointing at Naruto’s big erection while saying this).”

“So with that being said, do your best as we switch person for every two hours! Don’t forget to drink your birth control medicine before this.”

Are Sakura, Hinata, Temari and Shizune prepared for this sex orgy? I mean that’s a lot of fucking. One advice for the girls. Drink enough water to keep yourself from dehydration.

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Otsugi wa ONOROKE Ninpoujou

Otsugi wa ONOROKE Ninpoujou naruto hentai manga porn pics

“Yesterday when I remembered how me, Naruto and Hinata used to make love together. I took those two with me and we spent a night at master Tsunade’s place. And then…”

Well there ends Naruto’s little day dream with Sakura punching him really hard. Well I guess he deserved that one.

Enjoy some nice threesome with Sakura, Hinata and Naruko (female version of Naruto).

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Tsunade Book

Tsunade Book naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Naruto is busy training, yet Tsunade calls for him. Once he arrived at the Hokage’s headquarter he asks what does she want. He also explains to her that he doesn’t have too much time since he wants to get back training new ninjutsu.

Tsunade is very proud of his hard work and offers him a “reward”. The first thing in Naruto’s mind would be a coupon for Ichiraku ramen, but that’s not what the hot female Hokage wants to offer him. Instead she offers to take his virginity, since A.) every dangerous missions could be his last one and B.) Sakura might be disappointed that he is still a virgin. So Naruto agrees and they both get naked. You can clearly see that Naruto still needs to learn a lot about a woman’s body. That’s why Tsunade teaches him about every little dirty detail he needs to know to become a sex god.

However, what she clearly underestimated was his sheer endless stamina. He fucks the hot Hokage MILF over and over again, and with every time she has a stronger orgasm.

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Jadouou 2007 – Naruto full color

Jadouou 2007 - Naruto full color hentai manga porn pics

“Konoha’s kunoichi (as opposed to kunoichi in general…) collect intelligence mainly by sexual services. Their duties require them to make full use of their bodies… Naturally, combat is left mainly to the male ninja. Kunoichi work only on improving their sexual techniques. As soon as they become good enough they essentially live as slaves, they are treated like animals as they are trained and used. Well then today we have four new faces for training. Everyone, strip naked and stand in a line.

Konoha’s kunoichi are the most obscene of all the indecent ninja sluts in the Five Great Nations, and their reputation is well known. In order to maintain their prestige they practise particularly deviant techniques. The kunoichi who practise these techniques are especially shameless. They boast endlessly about their sexual perversions. For a normal man it’s impossible to withstand this corrupt behavior every day. Their bodies are also modified to be more arousing. the training is very intense. Extremely large breasts is one of their famous trademarks.”

Huh, pretty long intro for this ultra hot full color Naruto hentai porn manga. The scenes are very hardcore bondage like, so don’t bother with this one if you are not into this kind of fetish.

Naruto Hentai Gallery

Mitarashi Anko Hon

Mitarashi Anko Hon naruto hentai manga porn pics

Ninja’s from a rivaling village are trying to enter Konoha territory. Anko tells them that they will pay for entering Konoha without permission. Right after the short small talk, they begin fighting. Anko has the upper hand, but suddenly the other ninja group captures Naruto and Anko has to give up. Once our hot female hero was brought to their hideout, the sex interrogation could begin.

Actually these guys have fucked her for a very long time, before she managed to use the first opportunity to release Naruto. After that it was a piece of cake to take the other ninjas down. However, the problem was that even after fucking for hours, horny Anko still wasn’t satisfied, so she asks Naruto to take care of her wet dripping pussy. Later she had to explain to Tsunade why she had fun by herself! After all the sexy Hokage has also the right for some orgy sex – time off.

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Sekai Ichi Uke Tai Anko no Jugyou

Sekai Ichi Uke Tai Anko no Jugyou naruto hentai manga porn pics

Hot female ninja Anko is going to teach her students about “sexual arts”. This is how Anko explains the reasoning behind this lesson:

“Why are you so surprised? Isn’t it obvious that a kunoichi has to know them? Besides, you will never regret learning them, trust me! It’s very easy to pull out information from someone you sleep with. And should you get captured by the enemy your chances of survival will rise significantly as well!”

When you take another look at the subject, it really starts to make sense. The only thing that needs to be decided now is the test subject. In this case Anko has picked Naruto to be the sex partner. The hot female ninja teacher doesn’t lose too much time, rather she jumps straight on Naruto’s dick and they start fucking like rabbits. What they did not expect was that Tsunade (5th Hokage) would visit the lesson. And since she was already there, she also wants a piece of Naruto’s dick!

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BBA Kekkon Shitekure – Naruto Marry Me

BBA Kekkon Shitekure - Naruto Marry Me hentai manga porn pics.

Hot MILF Tsunade and her close friend Naruto went to an Oden shop after work. Again the MILF lost all self control and started drinking one sake after another. Naruto tells her that she had enough alcohol, but she doesn’t even think about stopping now. I mean for her the night party has just begun. Well, everything comes to an end, so does Tsunade’s alcohol tolerance. Once she was dead drunk, Naruto took her home.

Or so he thought! Actually our friend and main protagonist of the manga series has absolutely no idea where this sexy MILF lives! So they are wandering around in the town and after they came across the “Konoha Love Hotel” Tsunade pointed at it. Without too many options left, Naruto went inside with her and put her on the bed.

Once the hard part was done Naruto wanted to relax a little in the room. However, it was pretty much impossible for his eyes not to notice Tsunade’s huge tits hanging out. Should he go for it? One touch wouldn’t hurt, right? I mean she is still asleep, maybe she won’t even notice. Yet, it’s not that easy to screw the hot female Hokage. After Naruto wanted to take a closer look, she had him already in her leg lock. So what’s going to happen from here on out? That’s something only our erotic picture gallery will tell you!

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Please Hokage-sama full color

Please Hokage-sama full color - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

“Excuse us, Hokage-sama. What is it? Is some…!!? Wait, you! Please Tsunade-sama! We’re about to go on a very dangerous S-class mission. All of us are still virgins. Huh!!? So please accept this. Fine, do what you want, just calm down!”

Hot MILF Tsunade is really under pressure this time. These guys will maybe never come back, so she better put some heart behind it and give these people the best blowjob ever! performed in ninja history.

What can you expect from this full color Naruto hentai manga? Massive gangbang orgy with Tsunade and her “buddies”.

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Inniku Koushin

Inniku Koushin - naruto hentai manga porn pics.

Even though the only fuck couple in this hentai manga will be Sasuke and Sakura, it’s definitely not made for Sas/Sak romance fans. Sasuke isn’t treating her very good, even when she offers him to leave Konoha behind and be by his side he only treats her bad. However, for those people who don’t have anything against that kind of sex plot, this will be a great adult manga experience.

Sakura is supposed the replace Karin as Sasuke’s cum dumpster to prove her loyalty towards him, and so she gets down on her knees and starts sucking Sasuke’s dick. Soon this is not enough and so they move on to the real thing. If there will be a happy end or not, that’s something you have to see for yourself.


The artwork is really good, like always from this mangaka hentai artist. The lines are precise and clearly visible and the censorship is also pretty negligible.

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Tsunade’s Lewd Prison 3

Tsunade's Lewd Prison 3 naruto hentai manga porn pics.










Find part 1 and part 2 of Tsunade Lewd Prison here

At the very last page it’s said “To be continued”, so you can expect a 4th part of Tsunade Lewd Prison, if the mangaka artist isn’t making fun of us…

Now to the plot. Tsunade and Shizune are fighting the White Zetsu clones. They lose the fight and are transported to a close hideout of Akatsuki. There they find Sakura who being fucked by the Zetsu clones for a while know and she is already at her limit. If Tsunade doesn’t come up with a plan then Sakura is seriously in danger. Without too many options Tsunade and Shizune have to offer their sexy bodies to help out their medical ninja apprentice Sakura, but will this be enough? Find out by reading this great Naruto hentai manga.

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SakuHina - naruto hentai manga porn pics

Sakura and Hinata went to the Lightning country to ask a feudal lord of the Lightning country to remove Sasuke from the wanted list. I’m still not exactly sure why Hinata went along as well, since I can’t even remember her and Sasuke talking even once in the whole Naruto series haha. But well, maybe she felt the need to support her female ninja friend Sakura in this very risky mission. Mostly risky for their pussies that is. What will really surprise these two beauties is at the very last page of this hentai manga 😛

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Tsunade’s Obscene Beach

Tsunade's Obscene Beach naruto hentai manga porn pics

Hinata and Sakura are playing volleyball at the beach while Naruto watches them. Obviously their boobs jiggle like crazy and their sexy swimsuits made our main protagonist a huge boner. At the same time Temari shows up from behind and starts talking to Naruto. While trying to calm down he accidental pulls off her upper swimsuit part and now her huge breasts are fully exposed. At this point our poor young fella can’t take the sexual pressure anymore and so he jumps on Temari with his big dick.

By now a big crow has gathered, who lustily watches the fuck show. Soon Shizune, Sakura and the 5th Hokage enter the scene. Since Naruto is way too horny, Tsunade jumps in to replace Temari and allow her to take a break and recover. But boy is horny Naruto pumping his dick inside the MILF hot pussy. Now even Tsunade can’t take anymore and asks Shizune to take her place. This goes on and on, and all of the beautiful Konoha girls take part one after another they get fucked by Naruto.

Obviously the other guys who are standing around and enjoying the show at the beach, can’t wait anymore and so they sneakily join the sex orgy. Her is what Tsunade had to say to that: “These asshole took advantage when I overdid it with Naruto. They should be ashamed as men. Moreover, their dicks went limp after just about six shots. Their dicks were a lot smaller compared to Naruto’s”.

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